Delores Keith, IBCLC, RLC, LLLL (Dee)

No formula exists for human milk. When artificial baby milks are made that try to duplicate human milk they can only be made with the components that are known to make up mothers own breastmilk. There is simply no way to know if these items can be absorbed properly by the infants gut or in the the right amounts through artificial milks. 
Since breastmilk is species specific meaning that each species makes milk to best meet the needs of that species, cows milk for cows, goats milk for goats, human milk for humans. Each mammal makes the milk with the right anti-bodies, hormones, sugars, fats, proteins, etc. that best meets the needs of that mammal as it has evolved over time. What this means in practical terms is your milk is specific for your baby and your life style. If you are exposed to a germ, bacteria, your body knows to make anti-bodies to protect your baby from it or to help your baby recover if he/she is ill.  As your baby grows your milk changes to meet those needs everyday.
Breastfeeding help, because it does matter!

 The first nurse- in, maybe!
Why A Lactation Consultant?
Why Not! 
A Lactation Consultant brings a unique set of skills to help you and your baby/ babies achieve your breastfeeding goals. Each nursing couplet is different ! So a one size fits all attitude doesn't work for all moms and babies.
Your lactation consultant can help to prevent common problems and over come others if they should arise. 
Breastfeeding isn't complicated but cultural attitudes and modern hospital deliveries don't always make for an ideal start. In times past moms and babies were kept together, nursing began immediately to help deliver the placenta and prevent excess bleeding after delivery. These things can still be done but sometimes in our medical system these important moments of bonding and contact get lost. Medical care for moms and babies should always be there to help back up nature when things might be of concern but the medical model should not prevent the most human care from taking place for what nature intended as the best start for moms and babies.
Find providers who understand the importance of "by all means do no harm". Who understand that mothers and babies belong together and breastfeeding begins ideally in that first hour after birth. 
Since the beginning of mankind's existence on this planet mothers have been breastfeeding their babies. They never gave it a second thought. They watched their mothers, their sisters, and the other mothers of the tribe as the grew up. The thought that their baby wouldn't breastfeed never crossed their mind. After all we are all mammals.
I am here to help you restore that mind set.
When you have the right mind set, the right information and the right help, things work, and they work well. 
Whether you are a stay at home mom or employed out side the home, one or several babies, breastfeeding can and does work.
As the mother of ten breastfed children, all mine, and as a practicing Lactation Consultant with over 30 years experience, it is my hope to help you have a smooth and enjoyable breastfeeding experience. 

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I have recently joined Lactation Network​
You will fill out a form on their page and they will get prior approval from your insurance company, this can mean no out of pocket costs for your visits with me. This is quick and easy for most plans. Medicaid is unfortunately not required to pay at this time. If you prefer to pay cash that is of course fine as well. I can run credit/debit, HSA cards or take cash or check as well.
I also am in network with Aetna, and United Health Care and can usually bill them directly, as they are not yet part of the lactation Network listed above.